Shifting Paradigms in Artistic Innovation

The Joseph and Loretta Law Institute of Arts and Technology (LIAT) is an arts forward, technology enabled, performance centered hub of research and creativity.  Pursuing breakthroughs in artistic expression and technical innovation, the Law Institute convenes, trains, and supports new generations of artists, performers, and technologists in a space of arts, science, and entertainment to make a lasting impact on our creative society.

Where Culture is Amplified

We act as a cultural bridge, convening creatives from around the globe, and amplifying diverse voices with technology, training and resources.



Where Creativity is Connected

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We connect artists with the latest and emerging creative technology, enabling new artistic experiments and performance productions.

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Where Denver is Activated

Denver is a vibrant hub of artistic and creative energy with a thriving arts scene. We activate and celebrate the existing gifts of the city, building community and solidifying Denver at the vanguard of a creative movement that spans borders and genres.

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