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Vision For Impact

The Joseph and Loretta Law Institute for Arts and Technology (LIAT) fuses art, technology and cultural diversity to create performance experiences that push past the barrier of expectation. Synergizing emerging technologies and cultural traditions, LIAT pursues breakthroughs in interactive entertainment that open new doors for artistic exploration and technical innovation. 

A hub for research and education in multimedia performances, LIAT supports future generations of artists and creators through the following initiatives:


We envision a future where students, faculty and community members from around the globe join together at the vanguard of creativity. LIAT merges innovative technologies and artistic talent, commissioning and creating new experiences and works of music, dance and theater.


LIAT encourages innovation through the use of emerging technologies to enhance performance and creative expression. With an emphasis on experimentation and collaboration, LIAT uses technology to elevate the arts.


Synergizing traditions from many cultures into a tapestry of entertainment art and science to both delight and challenge the audience, LIAT connects the community with the world beyond. By developing opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and create, LIAT strives to infuse the campus and Denver community with a new sense of global cultural awareness.


LIAT embraces emerging trends in both art and higher education through the thoughtful collaboration of academic centers of excellence. Together, LIAT and DU will foster unique experiences and educational programs designed to launch the careers of experimental artists and creative scholars.

Law brothers

History of LIAT

The Joseph and Loretta Law Institute of Arts and Technology was established by Dr. Dennis Law to honor his parents, Joseph and Loretta, and to pursue creative innovations that broaden the scope of entertainment and the arts.

Optimists in the Face of Heartbreak

Overcoming political hardship in Hong Kong and China while raising a family, Joseph and Loretta instilled in their boys a desire for excellence and the understanding that hard work would reap benefits. Seeing opportunity in the midst of difficulty, Joseph and Loretta taught their four sons - Dennis, Ronald, Christopher and Jeremy - the power of philanthropy and the importance of community engagement. 

Despite his lack of educational opportunities during the War, Joseph Law excelled in the utilization of both American resources and Chinese talent in his business ventures. While Joseph became a successful industrialist in Hong Kong and China and also a prominent benevolent advocate for workplace standards for Chinese laborers, the boys dove into higher education in America—all four receiving degrees in medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Philanthropy is a tradition in the Law family—an example made by Joseph and Loretta to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Dennis, Ronald, Christopher and Jeremy have honored their parents with a named facility at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, where their parents’ legacy will last in perpetuity.

Art and Action

As a lover of the arts, the eldest son, Dr. Dennis Law has supported, produced and incubated performing arts opportunities—especially connected to Chinese traditions—for many years. Innovative and interdisciplinary productions have highlighted the Law family’s commitment to excellence in theatrical performance. For nearly two decades, Dennis Law’s production company, Sight, Sound & Action, has fused Chinese and American creative elements to produce unparalleled musical theatre productions that entertain audiences around the world. 

Dr. Law has produced over one thousand bi-cultural “Action-Musicals” in North America and Asia. His experience in using advancing digital technologies to produce award-winning content serves as a model for utilizing multi-national and multi-cultural resources to make a richer mosaic of entertainment content.

Joseph Law

A Transformative Gift for the Arts

In 2017, Dr. Dennis Law made a transformative $20 million gift to honor his parents, Joseph and Loretta. Their story is one of perseverance, loyalty and love. A passionate advocate for workplace standards in China, Joseph partnered in American ventures, utilizing cutting-edge Chinese manufacturing techniques.

The gift includes seed capital and long term funding that will make the University of Denver a home for artistic creation that spans and incorporates global cultures and genres, further cementing the University as a global cultural center in a fast growing city with a thriving arts scene.

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