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Annual Festival

Experience the Fusion of Arts and Technology

This multicultural event brought world-class talent to the city of Denver and showcased innovative artistic creations that combined contemporary music technology and artistic traditions.

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Innovation Sound Lab

The Law Institute of Arts & Technology is proud to announce the creation of the Innovation Sound Lab. This new facility deploys state of the art sound technology to enable exploration, creation, and innovation, and to expand the practice of connecting sound and sound control processes to other technological art systems: visual, physical and experiential.

Creating Opportunity for Jobs in the Industry

We believe that to prepare students for success in a new music industry we must equip them with skills and awareness spanning multiple musical and nonmusical genres and disciplines. The Innovation Sound Lab will provide a collaborative and innovative space to develop these skills.

The Law Institute of Arts & Technology is playing a major role in shaping my career path. I am now interviewing for jobs in the music technology industry because of opportunities LIAT has provided.


Denny Awards

The annual Denny Awards include three original music composition categories and several special recognition awards, including the “Ikutaro Kakehashi Special Achievement Award,” awarded to honor the notable electronic music engineer and inventor. Please see the Competition Rules and Regulations for details of the competition. Information on the 2019 competition coming soon

2018 Award Recipients

Electronic Music Only

MIDI and electronic music works that are integrated with audio technology. (Less than 10 minutes duration)


Gold Medal Award

  • Wang Kun (Harbin Normal University)

Silver Medal Award

  • Zhang Yunong (Communication University of China)
  • Zhang Bo (China Conservatory of Music)

Bronze Medal Award

  • Wang Peiyao (Communication University of China)
  • Anthony Sabatino (California, USA)
  • Xu Yufan (Xinghai Conservatory of Music)

Honorable Mention

  • Deng Jiaming (Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
  • Zhao Xiaoxiang (Central Conservatory of Music)
  • Wang Peiyao (Communication University of China)
  • Chen Si (Beijing University of Posts and Communications)
Electronic Music with Visuals

Multimedia video works (including film, games and advertisements) with electronic music. Visual arts used, such as videos and photos, must be original creations. Authorship by contestant must be clearly stated. (Less than 12 minutes duration)


Gold Medal Award

  • Zhang Wei (Xinjiang Arts University)

Silver Medal Award

  • Zhao Haoliang (Central Conservatory of China)
  • Zhang Chao (Communication University of China)

Bronze Medal Award

  • Jiang Yuemeng (Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA)
  • Guo Jia (Hebei Institute of Communication)
  • Li Yunfei (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)

Honorable Mention

  • Liang Yuman (Central Conservatory of Music)
  • Joao Pedro Oliveir (Spain)
  • Lin Yihan (Central Conservatory of Music)
  • Shi Yiyang (Central Conservatory of Music)
  • Nan Guoxian (Central Conservatory of Music)
Electronic Music & Acoustic Instruments

Various combinations of electronic music with other electronic or traditional instruments permitted. (Less than 12 minutes duration)


Gold Medal Award

The gold medal award was not bestowed because the jury deemed that no submittals rose to necessary level of excellence and to the standard worthy of performance for audio and video reproduction at next year’s festival.

Silver Medal Award

  • Fay Wang (Yale University, USA)
  • Liu Peixin (Central Conservatory of Music)

Bronze Medal Award

  • Gao Tianyu (Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
  • Jiang Zheguangyi (Central Conservatory of Music)
  • Yang Kai (Tianjin Conservatory of Music)

Honorable Mention

  • Chen Yilei (Central Conservatory of Music)
  • Zhao Ziyi (Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
  • Liu Juanhao (China)
  • Yuan Yadong (Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
  • Zach Bahn (USA)

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